Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Matt, and you’ve found my spot on the internet where I stash all my hard-earned knowledge on SEO and marketing.

A lot of my past jobs and projects are saved here and shared with those looking for help and advice on marketing…

Nothing makes me happier than improving a website’s performance, helping it earn the views it needs (my friends would call me a workaholic, but I think it’s just passion)…

I have a few websites over the internet but my bread and butter is marketing travel websites and an offshore digital marketing agency, but I like working with other companies too.

Since ’09, I have worked with award-winning companies in the travel industry, startups, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, small businesses and creatives. I enjoy the process of learning a business in order to understand exactly what online strategy is required.

Having co-founded and partnered with ventures in the past,
I plan to continue helping businesses fully optimize their brand and performance, while building an online empire.



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