Hello and welcome to my blog.

I made this site because my passion is travel… and maybe blogging… But It turned out, it wasn’t.

Sure, I love seeing a beautiful place as much as the next but I found myself on my laptop more than 12 hours a day while travelling the world living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Nothing made me happier than making websites perform better and get the views it needed… So, my passion is really marketing, marketing travel websites to be precise.

I’ve worked with award-winning companies in the travel industry,  startups, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, small businesses and creatives since ’09. I’ve also co-founded and partnered with a few. I plan to do this a lot more.

One day I do hope to throw my laptop into the sea and have a couple of relaxing months on a beach or ski slope, as my work has a habit of consuming me.

I hope you find what you looking for in my blog and if you don’t, please shoot me a message. I’m always looking for a new website to help.



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