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Best Free Tools to Dominate Your Twitter

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Best Free Tools For Twitter Growth and Reach

In this post I’m going to tell you the very best free tools to grow your Twitter and engage your customers. These tools are soo powerful that I have kept it a secret for months and been terrified to tell anyone in case another marketer catches on.

The picture you see above is a screenshot of a page I grew to 5 000 followers in 2 months and reached more than 142 000 people. You can probably do this better than me as this was my first attempt and I made a few mistakes.

Twitter is great for building followers and getting a stream of website traffic and link authority to your site or social profile – yes you can use social profiles to boost social profiles.  This helps the web pages/social profiles gain reputation and rank better on search engines.

With Twitter there is always the chance that your tweet goes viral which helps everything!!

Twitter is also a great tool if you want to direct some traffic to something over the course of a day or week. Simply just tweet about it with the link every hour or more, and your tweets would have brought in a reasonable trickle of traffic depending on your amount of followers.

Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that you will get away with posting multiple times a day and not seem spammy.

Saving days on scheduling Tweets

I came across this tool on a Twitter news feed and instantly checked it out. I Googled it and nothing came up, it must have been super new or a really well-kept secret.

This meant marketers liked it soo much, no one wanted to talk about it so they could get a head start.

Tim Fargo is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and a two-time Inc. 500 Winner. He worked with a old developer friend on this software to promote his new book Alphabetsuccess.

Tweetjukebox worked so well for him that he decided to release it to the public. The only problem, marketers do not want to talk about something so powerful because they stand to lose so much, like customers and competitors catching on and losing the competitive advantage.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t like Twitter, I don’t even like Social Media and I WAS incredibly lazy. My philosophy in school was “minimum effort, maximum output” It’s now changed to “be effective, not efficient”. This tool is minimum effort and so effective it’s ridiculous.

How does TweetJukebox work? You upload all your tweets into its system or Jukebox and then it posts the tweets every hour or so – you can set it up to post as many times as you want. When it’s finished tweeting it starts again, it’s a continuous cycle of tweets you have uploaded.

That means that you never have to schedule another tweet on the tools like Buffer and Hootsuite that are supposed to “save you hours”. If this is true than Tweetjukebox can save you days!

Can you imagine that, never having to tweet again and getting customers to check your tweets every day?

They also have lots of preloaded jukeboxes to you have awesome content to tweet right from the start.

Anyway the software is out and I see they brought out a Chrome extension that looks really nifty, with a click of a button you can now upload that web page and it will tweet it forever!!

Ok, so now that we saving days not uploading tweets. This software is far more useful if we have followers.


Gaining followers on Twitter

One if the best and quickest ways to get followers on Twitter is to follow people that a relevant to you and hope they follow back.

There tools like Tweepi but they now have restrictions and the free features are pretty limited.


Sending a message on Twitter

Last but not least is getting your followers to do an action. This is really handy but the conversion rate on this is super low.

I use Socialoomph for my Direct Messages but I pay. They used to have a free one but their site is so unfriendly I struggled to find it or maybe they removed it.

I have since then recommended TwitterDMer to a couple of friends and have not heard any negative feedback yet, so I hope it’s working well for them.


So now you have 3 of the most epic Free tools to engage, grow and direct. You are well on your way to super growth and getting customers to your product!

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I’ve tested different techniques and other free tools for the last couple of months and I’ve got some EPIC results! I am more than willing to share that with you as well. But…

That will have to wait until I have some more time. I have requests to write the following posts; How to Grow your Instagram really quickly, How to get your website SEO friendly before you even build it and a post on Why getting 1000’s of people to like you page could be a terrible idea.

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As always, thanks for reading :)


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  2. All these tools must be very handy indeed,
    Using such tools will really save you lots of time and efforts in your social media marketing so you can focus on other important things.

    However, all the tools you mentioned here are very new to me. I’ve always used Hootsuit, Topsy and Buffer for my twitter automation and they’re really been so awesome but, i will take out time to check out these ones who knows, one of them might end up becoming my favorite.

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