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Creating a Solid SEO Content Foundation for Your Website

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To ensure a website has a good foundation and will rank well, we need to make sure the content is the very best it can be and it is accordance with Search Engine best practices.


We can do this by doing the following:

  1. Writing the best content
  2. Having great images
  3. Great user experience (UI)
  4. Evergreen Urls

Writing the best content


  • Google dislikes plagiarism and exact copies of something
  • Make sure our description is detailed
  • Differentiates (google’s loves differentiation)
  • Is not a copy paste
  • Unique, detailed content is rewarded


Because of information being so readily available and writing and reading is becoming less and less in our daily life, the average concentration span is shrinking.


To combat this we need to make our information as presentable as possible.


Small bite-sized paragraphs and bullet points are best

Imagine I wrote everything above in one paragraph, you would hate to read it and it would be confusing.



Having great images

  • Take good quality pictures – no blur, or pixilated
    • Full size when you save it. – make sure it’s not a thumbnail
    • Uniformity in pictures – try ensure they all have the same background color
    • Same Dimension or shape. Look for images that are as close to a square as possible
  • Name the images correctly
    • Make sure they are all saved the same way – .jpg images are best, png works ok, but try save everything a jpg.
    • Make the names as descriptive as possible



-This image does not tell us a lot and we can name it something simple like diamond-mesh

-Then make sure the extension is .jpg when you see the “save as” option.

-in the end it will look like diamond-mesh.jpg



Notice that I used “-” instead of space, google cannot read images with spaces “   “ in them, so use a dash “-” instead of a space “  “.




This is the 18-Volt ONE+ AirStrike 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer.

The image and the title tells us a lot about the image, so we will name it accordingly.

18-volt-one-airstrike-18-gauge-cordless-brad-nailer and ensure it is saved as jpg or png if there is no choice.


In the end it should look like


18-volt-one-airstrike-18-gauge-cordless-brad-nailer.jpg  or



User Experience


Good user experience is hard to define and pinpoint but it starts with content, if the above is followed correctly then it should be easier to implement throughout the site.


People have been increasingly impatient and that’s why we need to make things as easy and visually appealing for them.


Some other things that affect User experience are;


  • Load time – no one wants to wait long (make your images nice and small)
  • Url names – Clearly identified to what page the user is on
  • Ease of access – no one wants to have to search or look hard for something
  • Layout – size or images, fonts and buttons
  • Thought processes – grouping and categories need to make sense
  • Similarities or familiarity – familiar with subconscious designs, like the page width or structure


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Comments 2

  1. A very interesting post mate.
    The truth is that the search engines is one of the best and most effective means of getting targeted and quality traffic and leads to your site and if you must achieve that, your articles must always be a top notch.

    Writing articles full of errors will only be scaring your readers always and as result, Google will always frown at you.

    You always aim at satisfying your readers via your contents because this ultimately boost your blogs user experience and as a result, Google will reward you for a job well done.

    Thanks for sharing.

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