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Get real instagram & Twitter Followers with automated software Instagress and Archie +

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Instagram and Twitter are some of the best platforms to use when growing a brand and building connections.

There are tons of  are still some Twitter tools to grow your following and engagement. I’ve tested over 10 and the ones mentioned in this post are tracking, posting and automation tools that run continuously run with very little effort.

-Don’t worry they offer a free trial and it’s really simple

Using automation I’ve been able to grow multple Twitter and Instagram accounts in just a couple of months while travelling with very little effort.


These were my stats for the first month.

The amount increases exponentially once you appear to be an authority and popular. This has helped me gain exposure, customers, writing opportunities and some online friends.

Using social media software makes it extremely easy for people to get exposure and gain followers organically and quickly. The software mentioned in this post are the simplest and most effective.

Please note that if you get greedy/excited, there is a chance of getting your account banned – it happened to me when I first started. So you should probably read this guide fully.


Growing Instagram and Twitter accounts

Instagram is one of the best ways to market your business, product or service. It still has a great organic reach compared to other social media and is known to bring in high quality traffic, create awareness and brand presence.

Twitter on the other hand, does not have the reach of Instagram but certainly has its own benefits.

By combining these 2 efforts, you will gain some serious reach and targeting, getting your name and brand out there really quickly and effectively.

The software was used while I was travelling. It was virtually no effort and will take a maximum of 10 min of your day once you are all set up.

I gained tons of followers but also got accounts banned using Instagress and Archie at the same time and boundary testing. To avoid getting banned rather do this slowly but also make sure you make the most of the free trials.

Instagram and Twitter growth hacking – the basics

  • The best ways to gain followers on both Twitter and Instagram is by following people that are interested in what you do, what you offer, or share the same interests as you.
  • By engaging (following someone, liking their post, commenting on posts) it shows that you are interested in them and this leads to them checking your profile out (so make sure yours is appealing and worth following).
  • A good bio and quality pictures go a long way.
  • When choosing to follow or engage, try be specific, choose a niche, topic, or area.
  • Focus on engaging with people who would be interested in what you do or offer.

Using Twitter to gain followers and authority

Twitter is great for building followers and getting a little stream of website traffic and SEO link authority to your pages or social profile :)

With Twitter there is always the chance that your tweet goes viral which helps everything!

It is also a great platform if you want to direct some traffic to a page, offer, post or competition over the course of a day or week. Simply just tweet about it with the link every hour or more and your tweets would have brought in a reasonable trickle of traffic (depending on your amount of followers – that’s why getting a lot of really relevant followers is so important).

Twitter has been playing with their limits of late but you can initially only follow 2000 people first and then they cap you, once you have close to 2 000 followers following you, you can start following more people again.

Once you have followed 2 000 you can start unfollowing those that did not follow you back and reduce your followers to under the Twitter cap and start following new people gain exposure and more followers.

Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that you will get away with posting multiple times a day and not seem spammy. :)

Using Instagram to gain followers and authority

Instagram works on the same principles as Twitter. As mentioned earlier, following and engaging with people is the best way to get people to follow you.

Gaining followers on Instagram

Instagram has a cap of 7 000 followers so follow people and they will follow you back.

You need to make sure you have more than 12 pictures if your profile if you plan on gaining followers.

For the best follow back ratio  make sure your pictures are good quality.



If you starting a new account its good to start it manually, this makes you actively engage with the audience and get to understand them, besides that who is going to follow an account with 20 followers anyway? Try and get your account to at least in the hundreds before you start using automation sofware.

Find and choose people through hashtags or Instagram explore option.  Click “Follow” from and then follow the suggested relevant people they offer. This is seriously labour intensive and can be really hard to do on a continuous basis and still have a social life or get work done.

I would not suggest following more than 500 – 1 000 people per day with Twitter or instagram as this could seem spammy and may lead to a ban.

The only 2 sofware you really need for gaining Twitter and Instagram followers


Using Archie Software to Grow your accounts (Closed Down)

Archie Instagram twitter software

You can use the free Archie software (if the page does not load after you connect your accounts click here to go to the dashboard) it’s very little work because it does both Instagram and Twitter at the same time.

* update* they also do Sound cloud (for the musicians out there) and have a software version for Pinterest too.

I personally think the Archie bot is better than Instagress because you can grow 3 accounts one platform and setting.

Don’t despair, there is another free tool you can use to grow your followers once the Archie trial is done.

Once that free trial is finished you can try another free tool called Instagress.

Using Instagress

Instragress is great This trial allows you to schedule and choose your settings. Don’t use fast unless you have tested medium for more than 2 weeks and your Instagram account is older than 1 year.

This software is super easy to use but will be better if you have already tried Archie.

Twitter and Instagram growth hacking – some tips

Some pointers to try and get the more out of these automated tools.

  • If your account is fairly new or just getting started, its good to state it in the bio.
  • To make the more of twitter send a Direct Message to new followers asking them to like your FB page, check out your website or simply say hello.
  • Make sure your accounts have some details and a good bio with content, people want to know what they following at a glance, a first impression is all you have – make it count.
    When you have finished the free trial but don’t have money you could try using Tweepi for Twitter. Unfortunately there is no Tweepi equivalent for Instagram.

Instagram Comments

  • Make your comments very broad. The comments with target your hashtags the broader your comments are. eg. Someone take a picture of their burned ruined flopped muffins and tags #yummymuffins (which they will do, people love using hashtags for the most irrelevant or sarcastic things) and you comment “Wow, awesome job they look delicious” . This does not look good for your account.
  • Also, make more than 20 comments, if Instagram recognizes that you posting the same comments you will get flagged and banned.
  • DO NOT PUT “Follow @nameofyouraccount for more awesome pics” in the comments, it’s spammy and Instagram tracks the word “follow” You will get flagged as a spammer and possibly banned.

Other Tips


When putting hashtags into Archie or Instagress, use targeted more specific hashtags. Its pointless having tags like #awesome and #yummy because anything can be those things, by adding an extra word you can make them more targeted. eg. If I’m a photographer in Africa I would want to add maybe #africanphoto, this will target people that really like Africa.

If you a personal trainer or into fitness target #gymselfie and this will target people who like spending time of fitness and gym.

The more targeted the more followers you will gain.

Increase your followers > increasing your pic likes > increasing engagement > therefore increasing your reach > ultimately increasing your page traffic and authority.

If you a baker target #yummymuffins and this will target people who like muffins and baked goods.. Also try have around 5-10 hashtags, not 30 and not 2.

Here is a free tool to generate hashtags.

Add-ons/extensions for Twitter

Download the Tweepi chrome extension, save on clicks and time.

By clicking on the Tweepi button it automatically does every action on the page instead of having to click on “follow” on every one. They also have an option/promo to Tweet about them and then you can load 40 people in your list instead of 20. – This is a big time saver, and you can delete it after.


Try and have your account following less people than your followers. I try aim for 2/3rd or less… You could maybe go to 1:1 but I wouldn’t go anything more.



following less, looks a lot better than…

following more than followers

How to not get your Instagram account banned with Instagress or Archie

Don’t run the Instagram on Archie and Instagress at the same time. Maybe finish with Archie free trial first and then use Instagress free trial.

Give your accounts breaks. This is not a sprint it’s a marathon, you are already in the 0.1% that is aware and using this software.

Rest your accounts, run it for a couple of hours, tweak it and then run it later again.

On Instagram, don’t follow and unfollow more than 30 people an hour, they limit you at around 50, but my goal is to try and get you followers and not get your account banned.

Run your account on “slow” settings. I don’t want to recommend anything faster but the rule is that the older your account the faster your settings can be.

Use tools like Social Blade to keep tabs on your  fans and monitor your progress.


Everything in this post is to try and get you followers but that should not be your end goal.

Instagram is going to start reducing reach and the only way to have high reach, the only way to maintain a high reach is to create fans.

Fans are the ones who actively view their Instagram feeds and engage with you on a regular basis. As your base grows you will improve your engagement and so will your reach.

Having followers is all good and well but what you should really try to gain is fans.
This part isn’t as hard as it seems, but takes time. respond to all your comments. Make sure you try to respond to all comments.

The key here is to use your fans name in your reply to their comment. Calling them and mentioning them by their name is the best way to turn followers into fans, and fans into a community. That is the biggest tip on this whole page – if you leave with anything leave with that

A page a page of 1000 engaged fans is worth way more than a account with 10 000 uninterested fans.

Get to know and understand your followers and turn them into your fans and supporters.


Bonus : Automation for Pinterest


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  2. Looking to give this a try, but i have been hesitant because other methods I’ve tried have phished my blog leaving pop up codes on their comments. Can I try you guys out to see the results before I commit to anything? Thanks

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