Why I love Black Friday (The Pre Game)

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Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m super frugal with my hard earned money and I am always on a lookout for awesome deals. So naturally, I love Black Friday.

Thats, not the only reason I love Black Friday, its a marketers dream as its the one day that almost EVERYONE is looking for some or other deal online.

This year, I’m in South Africa for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. So I’m looking forward to capitalizing it on it fully, as a marketer and a consumer 😛

Black Friday has a TON of searches behind it, it would seem that people care more about Black Friday than their mothers, new years plans or Easter.

Shame on us. But see for yourself!

I think that is a pretty scary stat.

Look how much it drawfs everything else… A maketers dream!

I would suspect traditional marketing is also not that effective for Black Friday because brands and stores generally want to only show their deals on the day to the masses… So online makes the most sense and as that is where the consumer will turn to on the day.

According to Google Trends, South Africa registered the highest search interest in the world over the past 12 months, with the US coming in second.


So this year we created a list post of the most comprehensive and in my opinion the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials and Deals in South Africa.

Even though this is not exactly my area of expertise (e-commerce) I look forward to actually taking part in this awesome day from the marketers standpoint for once.

However, we not doing that great for it. The post has brought in only 700 users (over 3 days)….. but we have spent nothing on the promotion just yet.

Right now we ranking about #45 for “Black Friday South Africa” (which got 50 000 searches today according to Google Trends) and we have guestimates in the office for the amount of traffic it will bring on the day. My guess is around 20 000 visits with some people in the office estimating around 100 000. 😲

I will update this post to let you know how it goes.  :)

What are you doing for Black Friday this year?

Update: We ranked #1 for “black Friday flight specials” and #5 in South Arica for “black Friday specials” with a flight affiliate site beating out all the big guys and receiving more than 100 000 people to the page :). This however happened in 2019 and the year after the campaign was put out. Not bad for a weeks worth and another reason I love SEO.

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