NC – Sqaured

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NC-sqaured is a Salesforce native app that assists with lead distribution and assignment. They were unhappy with their rankings and wanted me to get them on the first page of Google. I developed a marketing and link strategy and helped them …

webtour getaways homepage


Matt Davison 0 Comments was the first website that I started working on. They offer holidays in various destinations around the world. Webtours is the holding company of which Justhoneymoons,, and fall under. I stopped working on this website in 2012. Feel …



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Justhoneymoons and SEO report sells honeymoon specials and packages and was created after I had worked at Webtours for a year. It was initially my first site from scratch and my first opportunity to see how content effect keyword rankings.   …



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Helped with the design and content in 2012. I also worked on Clubski (now named Justski) in a sales position as a travel consultant. The design and website has since changed since them.


Tack and Tuck

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We took a 22 page website into a 1700 product page site with unique content and made social profiles. This site was made to have a great grounding and really solid best practices SEO that has helped it gain rank and …



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Beachtravel has come in the Top 10 beachcomber selling agencies in South Africa for the last 5 years Many hours were spent updating and creating hotel packages and pages for this website during my varsity years. I have not worked …

phuket real estate company

Moloko Phuket

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A leading Russian Phuket real estate agency. I consulted on the SEO, English and marketing of the site after it was slipping in ranking. It has shown an increase in Englsih speaking traffic.